Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7, also known as Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7, is the seventh season of Pinoy Big Brother—the Philippine version of Big Brother. This is the third special and thirteenth season overall Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzalez, and Robi Domingo reprised their roles as hosts. Mariel Rodriguez returned as host after her absence since Teen Clash 2010, however, during the season, Toni and Mariel are expected to take a maternity leave due to pregnancy. The show premiered on July 11, 2016


  • 2-in-1 Housemates — Two housemates who are related biologically or by other means, are joined as one competing housemate, assigned by Big Brother.
  • Lucky 7 Tasks — Housemates will undergo seven tasks, where different rewards can be won.
  • Ligtask Challenges — Nominated housemates will undergo several challenges to save themselves from evictions. These will serve as an eviction process for the nominated housemates. Excluding for celebrity batch, as soon as seven housemates remain for each batch and the Dream Team begins, this will serve as challenges where one of the nominated housemates will be saved from eviction.
  • Big Jump Challenge — Housemates participate in a series of challenges to get a spot to the finale.
  • #PBBPadaluck — This hashtag serves as a help for the nominated housemates in their Ligtask challenges. The nominated housemate who gets the most number of tweets in Twitter involving this hashtag will be given an advantage on the Ligtask. This will end once the lucky seven housemates are complete. This resumes during special tasks for the Dream Team housemates.
  • Wildcard Housemate — An evicted housemate will have a chance to come back on the roster of housemates. However unlike in previous seasons, selected evicted housemates will participate challenges for the wild card spot.
  • Dream Team – Twelve housemates from different batches will compete to become a winner.
  • Dream House Challenge – Housemates will compete to win a dream house.

Dream Team ni kuya Edit

Celebrities Edit

  1. Elise Joson
  2. Jinri Park
  3. Nonong Ballinan
  4. MCcoy and Nikko

Teens Edit

  1. Kisses
  2. Maymay
  3. Edward
  4. Yong

Regulars Edit

  1. Aura
  2. Tanner
  3. Jerome
  4. Cora