Cora Waddell is a contestant in Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7

Biography: Edit

Coraleen "Cora" Waddell is a 26-year old Filipino-American fashion model and video blogger. She grew up with her Filipino mother and American father and studied in Florida for 12 years before she moved to Bulacan (later Makati), 7 years ago. She was forced to quit college and moved to the Philippines to pursue modeling.[36] Her family's financial problems became worse when Cora's mother was involved in a vehicular accident and had to undergo emergency surgeries and had to be hospitalized for a month. The long recovery, and many more surgeries, depleted the family's finances and they were unable to pay the huge medical bills.

Trivia: Edit

  • She is a youtuber.
  • She already knew Wil Dasovich while at outside world.
  • She get threatens/bully that she is flat chested.
  • She is a brave and a fighter girl.

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