Baninay Bautista is a contestant in [[Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7]

Biography: Edit

Princess Vaness "Baninay" Bautista is a 20-year old accounting student from Mabini, Batangas. She caught the attention by Big Brother due to her rendition of "Fame" and Baninay's cheerful and colorful personality. She was born as a youngest and the only daughter in her family. Her mother died in her childhood years and she grew up to her step mother and her eldest brothers, while her father passed away last February 2016.[28] She worked in several sideline jobs including working in a fast food chain where she met her boyfriend, a part-time singer in birthday parties and funeral wakes, and a distributor of beauty and slimming products.

Trivia: Edit

  • Both of her has parents died.
  • She has a YouTube channel named "Baninay Bautista" with 180,000 subscribers as of June, 2017.

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